AnDroid All In One Optimizer v3.0 for Android

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AnDroid All-In-One Optimizer v3.0 – AnDroid All-In-One Optimizes and Repairs ALL 3 core components of your phone- Your battery, your memory, and your processor (CPU). The First of it’s kind, not only because it optimizes ALL 3 core components of your Android, but AnDroid All-In-One is the first app to do each optimization with just 1 click and absolutely no Android knowledge necessary!

Requirements:  Android 1.6+
Current Version: 3.0
Updated: June 23, 2012

  • -Designed to be simple, each 1-click button is a powerhouse of functions (and even technology only found here!) that allows you to easily find, and run these Full optimizations/repairs for EVERY Aspect of your Android, NOT just some of them!
  • Don’t waste your money on loaded down apps with TONS of information but are cluttered, confusing, overpriced, and seldom actually do anything positive for you!
  • Whether you’re an experienced programmer looking to supercharge your phone to all new heights, or you’ve just bought your first Android phone and you want to easily make everything better with just a button, the Android All-In-One gives you the power to unlock the TRUE potential of your phone like never before!
  • Finally you can have the fastest phone among your friends!
  • Brand NEW optimizing technology!
  • Dedicated SmartReflex hardware implements a feedback loop – without processor intervention which optimizes the voltage levels to account for differences in the manufacturing process, temperature and silicon degradation. And it will be even able to Enable system for hitting retention during idle!
  • That means that after you install SMART CPU, your phone will automatically get rid of background processes, use the least voltages while your screen is off, give you the most power while it’s on while using the least power, and all without you ever having to do more than press the button once every time you restart your phone!
  • We don’t pride ourselves on cluttering our app and confusing you with hundreds of lines of useless information about every little piece of hardware on your phone.
  • Remember if for some reason you aren’t satisfied, simply email us for a refund instead of leaving a bad review please! It REALLY makes a difference!
  • We DO pride ourselves on creating the most powerful Android App on the market that will finally allow users to FULLY optimize (or fix!) their phone in the absolute most simplest way possible! (And what’s easier than a “1-Click” optimizing button right on the home screen?)
  • We are not a Giant Corporation who isn’t going to listen to our clients when they have a request or a question or a comment for us. We honestly love hearing from our client base and fully welcome any comments that anyone may have regardless of the topic! Also we strongly feel that people deserve to have strong, reliable, longer-lasting, and faster-running Android phones. (You paid enough for your phone right?) So less than $2 means you will not only keep your Android phone sturdy and fast, but it also gets you peace of mind because AnDroid All-In-One handles all of your Android’s needs without you having to manually do any of it!

What’s New
version: 3.0

  • ADDED SD CARD BOOSTER!! (for rooted phones)
  • Upgrades/Bug Fixes


  • Supercharge Battery Confirmation FIXED!
  • Exit option exits app now(request)
  • True Cache Cleaning
  • Sync phone added


  • Cleans out clipboard, app and system caches, and more!
  • Upgraded SMART CPU
  • Upgraded Memory Optimizer


  • Smart Reflex Processor technology added!
  • Better wake-lock control
  • Faster battery charging
  • Longer lasting battery


Download AnDroid All-In-One Optimizer v3.0 for $1.49 on Google Play

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