AutomateIt Pro 4.0.55 Apk

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AutomateIt Pro for Android

AutomateIt Pro v4.0.55 Apk for Android is designed to make your life easier by automating various tasks on your Android device.

Updated: 12 March 2013
Current Version 4.0.55
Requires Android 2.2 and up

AutomateIt Apk has all the goods that the free version has and it’s an ad-free, popup-free version with some awesome new and advanced features (ALL locked features of the free version are unlocked with AutomateIt Pro)

AutomateIt Pro Apk features

  • Composite Triggers – use more than a single trigger for each rule using AND/OR logic between these triggers
  • Composite Action – execute several actions as a result of a single trigger (which can be a composite trigger)
  • Rule Active Period – set an active period for each rule. Really useful if you only want a certain rule to be active only during daytime, weekends, just an hour a day etc.
  • Sensor Trigger – utilize all your device’ sensors as a trigger for a desired action. This includes usage of all the sensors supported by Android – Accelerometer, Light, Proximity etc.
  • Calendar Trigger – monitor events on your different calendars
  • Enable/Disable Screen Lock Action – Enables or disables your screen lock slide/pattern/password/pin
  • Cancel delayed execution by trigger – Auto-cancel delayed execution when defined trigger is launched
  • Cell ID Trigger – Trigger when connecting or disconnecting from defined cellular cells (Unlimited number of predefined saved locations)
  • Recurring Event Trigger – Executes a defined action every defined time interval
  • Copy Rule – Create a new rule, based on an existing one

AutomateIt Pro Apk provides a set of useful rules:

  • Conserve power when battery level is low
  • Quiet at night when screen is off
  • Vibrate mode during meetings
  • Max volume when headset unplugged
  • Lower volume when headset plugged
  • Unmute by SMS
  • Automatically turn on/off speaker during call using proximity sensor

If you are upgrading from the free version, follow these simple steps for an easy upgrade:

  • Backup your existing rules from the main screen menu
  • Uninstall AutomateIt free version
  • Install AutomateIt Pro
  • Restore your backed-up rules
  • Note: Some features might require root – see description of free version or visit developer’s website.

Whats new in AutomateIt Pro Apk 4.0.55

  • Enhanced contact selection in relevant triggers and actions – allows selecting specific contacts, last SMS sender, type a phone number etc.
  • Add “Run in Background” option to Open URL Action
  • Added setting for minimized service notification
  • Enable/Disable Sync Action is now available for all devices
  • Enable/Disable GPS Action is now available for all rooted devices
  • Uploading rules to the market does not gain points
  •  Bug fixes

AutomateIt Pro for Android AutomateIt Pro for Android
AutomateIt Pro for Android AutomateIt Pro for Android

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