How to Change Android Hostname

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It is about how to change android device on the network host name, which by defaults to your hostname android will look like this:


Below is a picture of your hostname on router :

Now we want to change the hostname directly on the phone. First, we look at the requirement before you  change hostname on your phone..

  1. Your android device or phone must be rooted.
  2. Your phone must be installed terminal emulator
    Open the terminal application, type these commands:

    $ su
    # getprop net.hostname

    The default or preset hostname will be displayed

  3. Now to change the hostname,  type this command :

    # setprop net.hostname NewHostname

    NewHostname is the hostname that you want to give for the android device.


However, the new hostname will change back to default once you reboot your android device or phone. So you must repeat the procedure above to change back your phone hostname 

Or you can change android hostname with Change My Hostname ★ Root on app on android market

Change My Hostname ★ Root


Requires ROOT accessNew permission used to set the host name after your device has been restarted, now it will maintain the host name you specified after power off and on. RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED.Changes your device host name on the network, so instead of having “android_AEF78f8e9d0h45” you can specify whatever name you want and it will stay that way even after you restart your device,

it does not work without root, please make sure you have rooted your device before

i will not provide instructions on how to root your phone, search google for help

Tested and working OK on Desire, Maybe your phone not Rooted, or where did you checked your Hostname after the change? some routers keep the hostname for some time after the change

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