How To Download Android Apk File from Android Market to Your Computer

While Google Play (formerly the Android Market) is fairly reliable on, there are times when certain apps are unavailable for download on your Android smartphone for various reasons (for example: the App might not be available in your country, etc). If you find yourself dealing with this problem, don’t despair as now, thanks to a unique tool by the name of Real APK Leecher, you can download any .apk file from Google Play to your computer. Once that’s done, all that remains is that you transfer the file from your computer to your Android smartphone.

Real APK Leecher  is a Java application that help you download a bunch of Android apps from Market to desktop with minimum actions.

My work is required to always update the latest software to customers. It took a lot of time to show customers to use their own Gmail to sign in and download apps from Android Market. The easier way is just install apk files from desktop to their phone. But it’s not like you can always get the latest version apk files from Google. Luckily! I found a great API android-market-api provided by Tim Strazzere and decided to build a tool using this API for my purpose. Think of it, this tool might be useful to others too. So i share it here. The very first word, i wanna say thanks to Tim Strazzere for his great work.

Now, I’ll show you how to accomplish both these tasks with an easy, step-by-step tutorial..

  • Unzip The lastest version of Real APK Leecher
  • Run Real APK Leecher. First time launching Real APK Leecher, you need to config some required information for the tool to work.  Go to Edit -> Option.
  • The general info is required. Email and password are belong to a Gmail that is main account on an Android phone. Device ID you can obtain it by press *#*#8255#*#* on your phone or you can use  Device Id app .
  • Download apps
    This tool is very easy to use. Just search with proper search term, you’ll get the list of apk files on the table below. Select a row and right-click, then download the app you want.


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