How to Install OpenVPN On Android

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OpenVPN Android

How to get OpenVPN working on Android based device!

Android Requirements:

  1. Root users only
  2. Need install BusyBox from Android Market,
    OpenVPN will not work without BusyBox
  3. Download   Open VPN Installer
  4. Download  Open VPN Setting
  5. Need tun.ko  android tap driver (/system/lib/modules)
    Some Custom ROM has preloaded tun.ko

OpenVPN Android Installation Procedure :

  1. Install BusyBox
    BusyBox should say “Your phone is rooted
    install BusyBox to /system/xbin/
  2. Open Terminal emulator and type :

    #mkdir -p /system/xbin/bb
    #ln -sfn /system/xbin/ifconfig /system/xbin/bb/ifconfig
    #ln -sfn /system/xbin/route /system/xbin/bb/route
    #mkdir /sdcard/openvpn

  3. Install Open VPN Installer
    OpenVPN On Android
  4. Install and Open OpenVPN Setting > Advance
    • Check load tun kernel mode
    • TUN Module Setting :
      Load module Setting : Insmod
      Path to tun module : /system/lib/modules/tun.ko
    • Path to configurations : /sdcard/openvpn
    • path to openvpn binary : /system/xbin/openvpn
    • Fix DNS

    OpenVPN On AndroidOpenVPN On AndroidOpenVPN On Android

  5. Copy file config, ca, crt, keys, in /sdcard/openvpn/
    OpenVPN On Android
  6. Open OpenVPN setting and check all
    OpenVPN On AndroidOpenVPN On AndroidOpenVPN On Android

If  OpenVPN not connecting please check:

  1. tun.ko (check enable tun.ko)

    #cat /dev/tun
    "invalid length" or "file descriptor in bad state" is tun.ko enable

  2. Ifconfig & route

    /system/xbin/bb/ifconfig pdp0

  3. Check OpenVPN running
    Open terminal and type:

    #cd /sdcard/openvpn
    #openvpn nameconf.ovpn

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