How to Push Files for Android Phones Over ADB via Windows “Send to” Menu

This is tutorial to make easy how to push files to Android phones ( SDcard ) from Pc via adb by using Windows “Send to” menu. It works with adbWireless and similar applications. It could work with USB connection too, but I rarely use it.

Now, I’ll show you the tutorialHow to Push Files Over ADB Via Windows “Send to” Menu” step-by-step ..

  • Your Android phone must be installed adbWireless or similar for wifi connection, none for USB only
    You can download adb wireles on Google Play, or you can download adb wireless apk from google play to your PC
  • You must have installed the SDK Android
  • create adb_send.cmd anywhere on disk  (I put mine in android sdk-windowsplatform-tools directory)

    adb connect
    adb push %1 /sdcard/

    and a shortcut to it, where you can customize icon and name.
  • customize the ip address, to point at your device (I have router with static DHCP, so everytime my device connects it leases the same address)
  • then go to:
    Windows Vista/7:
    Win XP :
    C:Documents and SettingsjadoelSendTo
    and place shortcut to script file created earlier. (drag it with right mouse button)
  • Customize the icon and name of the shortcut
  • Now, you can try to push file via Windows “Send to” menu 😀
    Right click an .apk or other file and select Send To ->
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