JellyBlack AOKP/CM Theme 4.2 Apk

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JellyBlack AOKP CM Theme for Android

JellyBlack AOKP/CM Theme v4.2 Apk is a simple CM/AOKP Theme for the Tmobile theme chooser.

Updated: March 4, 2013
Current Version 4.2
Requires Android 4.0 and up
Category: Personalization

JellyBlack AOKP/CM Theme is based on the Tmobile theme engine, so in order to use this theme your device must be rooted and have the Tmobile theme engine, which is included in most custom ROMs.

More than 40 apps are themed, including mostly images/colors.

JellyBlack AOKP/CM Theme Apk utilizes new code that has been incorporated into a lot of custom ROMs, which allows for inverted Contacts and MMS apps. If your ROM does not have this code then these apps will not be inverted.

Note that when applying the theme, both the Market and System UI may force close. System UI will restart in a few seconds, and neither of these apps will fc again. This ONLY occurs when first applying the theme.

Installation Instructions

  • remove previous installed versions from my xda thread.
  • Install apk from playstore
  • Select the System Theme in the theme chooser, and reboot
  • Return to the theme chooser, select this JellyBlack Them, and reboot
  • Enjoy

Whats new in JellyBlack AOKP/CM Theme 4.2 Apk

  • fix colors for cm circle battery
  • fixed a color miss-match at Mms
  • reworked contacts app
  • added partially inverted calendar
  • statusbar icon for Sidebar
  • fixed a color missmatch at Gmail.
  • fix gmail
  • fixed wrong signal icon
  • add quick record Icons
  • added solid explorer
  • fixes for music and skype
  • added quicksearch box

JellyBlack AOKP CM Theme for Android JellyBlack AOKP CM Theme for Android
JellyBlack AOKP CM Theme for Android JellyBlack AOKP CM Theme for Android

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