Missed It 4.0.2 Apk

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Missed It! for Android

Missed It!v4.0.2 Apk – Get information about the number of missed calls, unread SMS, unread e-mail messages and notifications from virtually any application a glance with this simple yet very customizable widget.

Updated: 10 May 2013
Current Version 4.0.2
Requires Android 2.2 and up
Category: Personalization

On Jelly Bean 4.2, Missed It! widgets can be placed on the system lockscreen. For previous versions of Android, you will need any lockscreen replacement application.


  • Reports number of missed calls, unread SMS and pending voicemails.
  • If you use Gmail or K-9 Mail, you can obtain the number of unread messages of each account individually. In the case of Gmail, you can also select which label to monitor.
  • Also reports notifications from any application that uses the notification bar to report events (including WhatsApp, Tweetdeck, e-mail clients, etc).
  • Customization of font and background color and transparency. Also font faces (can use fonts stored in external SD card) and styles (bold, italic, underline).
  • Customization of the layout (alignments, padding, etc).
  • Text messages can be customized to show whatever phrase you want.
  • Represent numbers as text.
  • Resizable widget on ICS. With previous Android versions, there are multiple widget sizes available (user can select which sizes appears in widget list).
  • Compatible with WidgetLocker and Nova Launcher Prime Unread Counts feature. Both of these applications can use Missed It! as a provider for unread counters.

Missed It! Apk must be enabled as an Accessibility Service to be able to receive application notifications (‘Settings » Accessibility » Accessibility services’). If enabled and application notifications not detected, try disabling and then re-enabling.


  • READ_PHONE_STATE, to get the voicemail state.
  • CALL_PHONE, to directly call to voicemail if there is any pending message.

Whats new in Missed It! 4.0.2

  • Compatibility with Android 4.2 multi-user devices.
  • DashClock extension.
  • Widget option to wake up the device on incoming notifications (requires WAKE_LOCK permission).
  • Allow widget updates while the screen is off.
  • Now it’s possible to specify the gender to use when using the option “Show numbers as text”.
  • Sample fonts included.
  • Improved font handling.
  • Warn user about the icon placed on the notification area when Foreground Service option is enabled.
  • Bugfixes.

Missed It! for Android Missed It! for Android

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