Sensor music player v2.263 for Android

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Sensor music player v2.263 – Intuitive music player, using fun, useful and innovative controls.
Powered by exclusive algorythms, this full-featured player allows you to skip songs without using your screen.

Requirements: Android: 2.1 and up
Updated: August 23, 2012
Current Version: 2.263

Walking, dining, driving, partying : there is a sensor mode for each situations !
5 easy-to-access modes are available :

  • Wave over : Wave your hand in front of your device (5cm max) to play/skip current song. Wave twice quickly to go back to previous track. Hold it 0.5s to pause. The proximity sensor we use is generally located around the device front speaker.
  • Pocket : Lock the device, put in your pocket, slap it to skip current track.
  • Hammer : Put the device on a surface like a table, hit the table to skip current song. WARNING: using the device loudspeaker can produce enough vibration to fire the action ! (you can adjust sensitivity if needed)
  • Custom : In case you feel the need to use different sensor settings. Set wich sensors you want to enable, set sensitivty and your own action for each sensor events !
  • Sensors disabled : Sensors are disabled, you can only use buttons to control the player.

Additional features :

  • on-the-go drag’n drop playlist
  • library browsing by artist, genre, folders…
  • equalizer, Bass Boost, Virtualizer (android > 2.3)
  • smart search bar
  • home screen widget

Whats New:
version  v2.263

  • add Bass Boost and Virtualizer settings (android 2.3+)
  • add controls in notifications (android 3+)
  • remove Tracklist items by sliding them to the right
  • restaure previous sensor mode when playing
  • new widget layout
  • bugfixes



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